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Corporate Branding Services

Corporate Branding Services

The corporate image of every establishment holds a great deal of information about the organization. When it comes to creating the visual appeal of our client's marketing and promotional materials, Padypady Interactive Coy have the expertise in-house to develop a branding strategy that targets our client's customers, enabling our client to reach out to their customer with their corporate messages and promotional materials.

We understand the value of "First Impressions", That's why Padypady Interactive Coy's branding service is all about crafting a memorable identity which captivates your target audience.

Our expertise in branding and brand development has made us the agency for helping brands crush categories, achieve insane comebacks, and increase profits in staggering ways, whilst improving employee agility.

The way we think when it comes to branding

It takes a clear-eyed understanding of your marketplace and target customer to build an engaging, differentiated brand. That’s why we take the time to collect data from different key sources that enables us to position your brand ahead of your competitors.

Firm Research
First, we talk extensively to your management team and other relevant personnel to understand how you perceive your firm’s strengths, weaknesses and value proposition. We also review your website and any pertinent marketing materials to evaluate how you describe your firm and services.

Target Audience Research
We get inside the heads and hearts of your target audience and study market dynamics to inform your brand strategy.

Brand Strategy
We give you a compass and strategically position your brand so it doesn't look, feel or sound like the rest.

Visual Identity
We design iconic logos and visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are.

Naming & Phrases
We create strong, expressive names that are story-driven and serve as the linchpin for your brand’s success.

Voice & Message
We define your unique brand voice and write messages and copy that clarify and inspire.

Branded Spaces
We design immersive interiors and physical office or retail spaces that support your unique brand experience.

Web & Digital
We design and build beautiful sites that connect with your audience and sell your products and services.

The scope of our Branding Services

We won’t know what you need until we get to know you. In the meantime, here are a few typical services we consider:

Firm Research
Buyer Research
Competitor Research
Industry Research

Brand Rollout Plan

Brand Identity
Stationery Suite
Corporate Colors
Brand Style Guidelines
Tone & Voice Guidelines

Brand Tools
Firm Video
Email Template
Print Ads
PowerPoint Template
Pitch Deck

Branding & Printing


Branding & Printing

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