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The Key Services We Consider When Putting Together A Building Construction Project

The key services we consider when Putting Together A Building Construction Project

Building construction projects are expensive, and as such have to be handled with maximum care and precision. Otherwise, they can lead to heavy losses. The losses can come in the form of faulty workmanship that leads to structurally unfit projects, budget overshoots, or even unnecessary time wastage. That’s why before breaking ground on a construction project, Padypady prioritize the need to first plan everything beforehand. Part of the planning entails identifying some key services that are necessary to minimize on problems in the implementation process. As industry leaders for living home development these are the key services Padypady consider when putting together a building construction project.

Quality & Quantity Scanning

Anyone experienced in building construction knows that Quantity Survey are critical for the success of a building construction project. Padypady have an in-house approach to achieve 3D scanning using a "Quality & Quantity Scanning" approach that enables Padypady team to get a clear picture of how the project will look like when completed, thereby allowing for better cost budgeting. It also allows our project managers to have a better idea of, which areas of the project need better care. Such areas may include hard to build areas that might need more resources and time.

Design Approach

Before starting a construction project, it is important to get the design aspect of it right. Padypady understands that design does not only gives a clear idea of the technical parameters of the project, but also helps with cost-budgeting. Design goes hand-in-hand with our Quality & Quantity scanning service. To make the most of a building construction project, it is important to go for experienced and certified designers. Padypady is the building design company in Nigeria that can give an accurate design to work with, in any building project.

Task management services

Construction projects involve lots of tiny tasks that all build up into the whole. The challenge comes in managing these tasks effectively, in a way that they can be completed on time, and within their set budgets. To achieve this, it is best to make use of computerized task management systems. Padypady provide this service professionally and can help our client cut on the costs of the building construction project by a huge margin. The cost of engaging Padypady services are way lower than the budget overshoots that would arise, if this aspect of planning and implementation is overlooked.

Safety management services

Building construction projects carry lots of physical risks, including the risk of objects falling on workers, and other people in the vicinity of the project. This can lead to costly litigation that could derail the project. By employing Padypady's safety management services, these risks can be reduced by a huge margin. When combined with internal safety management measures such as helmets for workers, then safety risks can be greatly reduced. Safety is so important in Padypady building construction projects that it have never been considered an afterthought. It is always an integral part of all our building project.

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